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I usually write about clothes or things that may catch my attention- usually related to fashion. But, today I’m writing about another passion: food & fabulous places to visit.

I was invited by the Four Seasons of Palo Alto to attend the grand opening of their newest restaurant, Intermezzo at Quattro. I am going to be eternally grateful for this fantastic and fun opportunity.

If you’ve never been to the Four Seasons, make a reservation today. I am a huge fan and have been for a while. The customer service is genuine. The staff are all so nice and want to make your time with them enjoyable. The rooms are luxurious. The food is amazing. The spa is heaven. It’s a retreat in it of itself. So, if you can’t go out of town for a vacation, make a reservation for a weekend get-a-way, even if the hotel is just down the block from you. Seriously.

Anyhow, I digress. I went to today’s opening expecting good food and enjoyable company. I brought a date to the event and he had no complaints either. The minute we walked in, I met some of the individuals who work for the Four Seasons (sales, catering, Public Relations, and the General Manager) and we all chatted like we’ve known each other for ages. As more and more people came, the room became crowded, but not overwhelmingly. People were on the patio, in the dining area, or just mingling about. My friend and I conversed with people who we didn’t know and it was so pleasant. It was evident that everyone was having a good time.

The wine is labeled by the Four Seasons in Napa Valley. I usually drink a Merlot, but they were circulating a Cabernet and it did not disappoint. The ambiance is just lovely. In one of my pictures you’ll see a statue. There are four statues that each are dressed differently to represent the seasons. The crazy part is that it’s hologram-like to move with you as you walk. So cool.

The food was YUMMY. I can’t even begin to tell you what I had…I think there were: salmon on bruschetta, a meatball, a kobe beef panino, white chocolate/cheesecake on a stick, some donut holes dipped in a sauce that still makes me drool, and oh….so many other things. 

I had such a great time that I didn’t want to leave, but since I was silly enough to have booked a hotel room- I had to. So go, check it out and have fun. Say hi to Chef (Chef Marco- I had to shake his hand) and go and treat yourself to a night out. By the way, valet parking is free. No excuses.