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On March 3rd, I was able to attend a Camilla Olson Fashion Show, a Georgie Gleim Jewelry Trunk Show, and luncheon at Quattro at the Four Seasons of Palo Alto. AMAZING!

Immediately upon arrival, two racks of beautifully made clothing were being gushed over by a large group of women, designer Camilla Olson was greeting everyone, and champagne was being served. Raffle winner, Keren, was with me as we looked over the cashmere scarves and analyzed the detail of the jackets. The jewelry was to be displayed afterwards…..we really couldn’t wait!

We promptly sat down at our table as lunch was being served and the show was to begin. The models were roaming through the tables and so we had a first hand look at the clothing on the women. We were able to ask questions of the clothing and what I loved was that Camilla had 2 professional models and one “real” woman who looked amazing. She could have fooled me! :)

Lunch was delicious! Chef Marco and his team served up a perfect tuna tartare, followed by a perfectly soft beef tenderloin and ending with a lemon tart. YUM! Chef Marco came out to say hello and we chatted for a bit. He even showed us the herb garden where they get their rosemary, lemons, thyme, and other herbs from- LOVE IT! Another reason to adore the Four Seasons. 

Anyhow…I can talk about the food for days, but back to the event: after lunch and the show was over, the Georgie Gleim jewelry trunk show was underway and wow…the uniqueness of the pieces, the colors, the shine- all stunning. She had a multi-color long strand of freshwater pearls that I’m still dreaming of! 

Looking around the room, it was obvious that all the ladies were immensely enjoying themselves. And why not- it was fun, lively, and a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. 

**Camilla Olsen and Georgie Gleim are local designers/artists from the Palo Alto area. Visit for more info and Georgie Gleim is located at the Stanford Shopping Center.**

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